Religion and Globalisation

Kenneth Dean
Asia Research Institute & Head of Chinese Studies


The Religion and Globalization cluster is dedicated to exploring global reconfigurations of religion and its diverse manifestations in Asian contexts. Our work examines dynamics of secularization and religion the modern period, as well as related issues of authority and tradition in contemporary religious discourse and practice. The Cluster’s central focus is over the coming years is on Religion and Development in Asia. This research project seeks to explore how religious actors, discourses, and practices intersect with development efforts, and how these engagements result in changes in our understandings of both “religion” and “development”. This work aims to stimulate a re-thinking of long held assumptions about the apparent binary opposition between “religion” and “development”. A prominent feature of our work in this area is the cultivation of sustained engagement between practitioners and academics, with an eye to producing analysis that is relevant both to theory and to practice.