Previous Clusters

Open Cluster
Closed as of June 2014

While any research institute must focus its work on certain particular frontiers on which it hopes to make a difference, ARI has also kept its doors open to talented people, exciting ideas and worthwhile projects across the whole spectrum of the social sciences. Many of our most exciting visitors have been in what we call the 'open' cluster, to ensure this openness to ideas remains.

With effective from June 2014, ARI will be closing its Open Cluster and no further recruitment or activities will be conducted under this cluster. ARI’s strategic research focus will henceforth be confined to its remaining seven Research Clusters.

Southeast Asia China-Interactions Cluster
Closed as of 30 June 2009

The revival of the links which had long tied Southeast Asia with China is one of the most obvious of recent regional trends. Understanding the changes now taking place, as well as the growing interdependencies and alliances which are emerging, demand that we examine these linkages through both contemporary and historical lenses. Professor Anthony Reid leads this cluster, which has sponsored a number of innovative workshops, conferences and lectures. To assist in publishing the results of such research both within and beyond the University, a new publication series entitled Southeast Asia and China: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives has been launched in collaboration with NUS Press. Since 2006 the cluster has developed a particular focus on The Cold War as it affected Southeast Asia, and has established a partnership with Peking University to pursue the documentation of these issues across the former ‘bamboo curtain’.

There are also projects on Southeast Asian archeology and on Aceh which have developed their own dynamic under the nurturing umbrella of the cluster.