Changing Family in Asia

Asian Family Matters: Research Brief Series

This research brief series is intended to provide an overview of research produced by the Changing Family in Asia Cluster at the Asia Research Institute. It acts as a platform to disseminate research findings and up-coming research to academics, policy makers, and researchers.

Issue no.
Religion and Son Preference in India
Ageing in East Asia - Mental Health & Determinants of Social Activities
Living Alone in Asia
Old-age Psychological Wellbeing in Developing Southeast Asia
Economic Stress and Policy Implications
Divorce Biographies in Singapore
Governance, Welfare and the Familial in Singapore
Islamic Norms & Hui’s Residential & Marriage Patterns
Coming of Age in China
Gender and Ageing in Southeast Asia
Demography and Asian Development
Living Independently, Living Well: Seniors in Singapore
Marriage in Asia
Divorce in Asia
Hoping for a Phoenix: Shanghai Fathers and their Daughters
“Leftover” Women and “Surplus” Men in China?
Economic Stress and Health among China’s Oldest Old
Resilience and Transformation of Families in Asia
Care Provision in Asia: Changing Policies and Practices
Economic Insecurity and Husband-to-Wife Violence
Family Background and Higher Education in China
Family Ambiguity and Domestic Violence in Asia
Young Men in the Philippines: Migration, Work, and Family Life
Risk, Protection and Resilience in Chinese Adolescents
Asian Fathers and Childcare
Education in Indonesia
Cross-border Marriage and Social Reproduction in South Korea
Negotiating Marriage and Schooling in Nepal
Cross-border Marriage and Spousal Violence in Hong Kong
The Employment Trajectories of China’s Lost Generation
Gendered Aspirations: Youth and Work in Indonesia
Transitioning to Adulthood in Asia: School, Work, and Family Life