Asian Urbanisms

Cluster Members


Research Area
Prof DOUGLASS Michael
(Cluster Leader)
Livable cities (the environment, personal well-being, and social-cultural life); globalization, the public city and public space; international migration and the globalization of households in Pacific Asia; the environment and the urban transition in Asia; trans-border intercity networks in East Asia; filmmaking for social research and planning
Prof CHUA Beng Huat
East Asian Popular Culture; Multiculturalism in Singapore
Prof YEOH Brenda
Transnational Migration; Gender and Migration
Dr CHUNG Shu-Yeng Simone
Moving image medium and the discipline of architecture and urban studies
Dr COURTNEY Christopher
Popular religious understanding of the environment and changing patterns of Chinese hydraulic governance
Dr ELINOFF Eli Asher
Citizenship, emerging political practices, notions of sustainability, and contestations over urban development in Thailand; Political ecologies of concrete in Bangkok
Vernacular architecture and the practices of city dwellers, urban planning
Dr MILLER Michelle
Autonomy/decentralisation, democratisation and conflict management in Indonesian cities
Public space, urban heritage; Sociology of architecture and the built environment; Social movements and politics of space; Environmental sociology in the city; Environmental resource governance
Dr VAUGHAN Earl Tyson
Urban planning for post-disaster recovery and disaster risk reduction, community (re-)building
Mr BANDUR Marcel
Asian Urbanism, Maritime security, Southeast Asian regionalism


Department and Organisation
Prof CAIRNS Stephen
Singapore-ETH Centre
Prof JACOBS M Jane
Division of Social Science, Yale-NUS College
A/P HO Kong Chong
Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore
A/P WIDODO Johannes
Department of Architecture, SDE, National University of Singapore
A/P CHANG Jiat Hwee
Department of Architecture, SDE, National University of Singapore
Dr CHEE Lilian
Department of Architecture, SDE, National University of Singapore
Dr GOH Daniel
Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore
Dr JOO Yumin
LKYSPP, National University of Singapore
Dr LOW Kelvin
Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore
Dr POW Choon Piew
Department of Geography, National University of Singapore

Former Members and Visitors

Research Areas and Topics While at ARI
Prof RONALD Richard
Family housing property wealth; welfare regime; youth and urban housing markets
A/Prof KHOO Gaik Cheng
Production and maintenance of cosmopolitan spaces, civil society, questions of citizenship and belonging
Prof HENG Chye Kiang
History and design of Chinese cities; Asian urban design and public spaces
Prof JOHNSON Marshall
UNESCO World Heritage; post-colonial memory
Prof JONES Gavin
Determinants of urbanisation and studies of mega-urban regions in Southeast and East Asia
Prof PERERA Maharage Christopher Nihal
Politics of space, especially how subject people create spaces for daily activities and cultural practices; understanding contemporary transformation of Asian cities from Asian perspectives
Prof PHELPS Nicholas
Economic development implications and geographical organisation of multinational companies
Cultural and material dimensions of urban change, more specifically, social constructions of heritage, the role of the visual in urban planning and cultural dimensions of urban globalisation; postcolonial urbanism, urban policy mobility and urban comparatism between cities in Europe, Africa and Asia
Prof STRAND David Gregory
Modern Chinese and Asian urban history; political leadership and public life in early 20th century China; parks and green spaces in global perspective; and cosmopolitan and republican ideas at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries
A/P ALI Daud
Relations between local society and regional political entities during a period of political instability in medieval South India
Urban networks, with particular interest in the ‘travel’ of Asian cities in urban theory and planning practice
A/P DU CROS Hilary Louise
Urban cultural tourism and the youth of Asia
A/P HEE Limin
Asian urbanism and public space; sustainable urban development; creative precincts
A/P KUSNO Abidin
Politics and cultures of urbanism in Indonesia/Asia
A/P NG Zhiru
Medieval Chinese Buddhism; transmission of Buddhism from India to China; Buddhist cults; religious visual culture; death and afterlife rituals; Dunhuang studies; Buddhist modernism
A/P SHATKIN Gavin Michael
Urban community development; shelter and infrastructure delivery; urban redevelopment
Role of architecture and urban space in consumption practices; the functional role the city of Macau plays in China's post-socialist transition
A/P ZHU Jieming
Institutional analysis of urban development in the transitional economy; urban planning in high-density low-income Asian cities
Dr ANWAR Nausheen Hafeeza
South Asian urbanism/urban development and migration/immigration with a focus on Pakistan and the Indian Ocean
Dr BALOONI Kulbhushan
Natural resources and environmental management with a focus on decentralised governance, policy and institutional analysis, and property rights in South and Southeast Asia
Processes and politics of marginalisation and othering in an urban context
Urban transformation in Semi-Colonial China
Relationship between urban fragmentation and political polarization in Metro Manila, Philippines
Dr HOGAN Trevor
Emergent Asian urbanist theorists; urban theories of urbanisms
Dr JOHNSON Andrew Alan
Interplay between urbanisation and popular religiosity, especially as it relates to ideas about authority, charisma and legitimacy in Thailand
Political and cultural geographies, and related studies pertaining to activism, the Internet, and urban China/Asia
Dr MEHTA Nalin
The changing political economy of Indian television and its social implications; the transformation of the Congress Party and Indian politics over the past three decades
Urban politics and urban planning, urban services management, and strategic and knowledge management in the local government
Urban studies; development studies; technology and development; vulnerability and adaptation to climate change; caste/ethnic conflicts; women and development; law and governance
Dr PATEL Sujata
Inequalities and exclusions; informality of labour; political economy of culture; state and institutions of power; collective violence and urban social movements
Minority populations, social justice and equality, and democratisation in Malaysia
Dr SIVAM Alpana
Policy context for delivering sustainable built environment, affordable and sustainable housing, age friendly cities and neighbourhoods, climate change and built environment, urban space/public space in different cultural context, environmental and cultural sustainability, architectural character and heritage, urban design and urban development
Dr TRAN Thi Que Ha
Traditional timber houses and history of Japanese architecture, Vietnam Traditional Architecture, Urban planning and design of the new housing estates in Hanoi
Dr WANG Shuyi
Heritage tourism in historic cities; morphological process in social and spatial development in historic settlements
Dr WEBER Heloise
Historical and contemporary relations of development and inequalities, in particular, the politics of the global social relations of development
Dr WIDODO Johannes
Architecture, urban history and morphology of Southeast Asian cities; Asian modernity and heritage conservation in the Southeast Asian context
Dr YEOH Seng Guan
Interfaces between cities, religion, media and civil society in the Southeast Asian region; visual ethnography
Dr ZAHND Markus
Traditional urban quarters in Semarang and Yogyakarta, Indonesia