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Ethnic and Racial Studies- Special Issue: Ethnic and Racial Minorities in Asia: Inclusion or Exclusion? Vol. 34 No. 5
Publication Title: JOURNAL
Publisher: Routledge, Taylor & Francis
Publication Date: May/2011
Author/Speaker: Michelle Ann Miller
Abstract / Description:

Special Issue : Ethnic and Racial Studies - Special Issue : Ethnic and Racial Minorities in Asia: Inclusion or Exclusion?

Guest Editor : Michelle Ann Miller

This special issue, devoted to ethnic minorities in Asia, originated with the International Symposium on Ethnic Minorities in Asia: Subjects or Citizens, held at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. As one of the most ethnically-diverse regions in the world, Asia is the site of large indigenous minority populations as well as non-indigenous minorities through ever-growing legal and illegal migrant flows. This article maps out some of the key themes explored by the contributors to this special issue in the processes and structures of accommodation for Asia's minorities. These themes revolve around the changing meaning of citizenship in Asian contexts, state models of accommodation, constructions and representations of identity and belonging, post-colonial legacies and nation-building, the legitimacy of minority rights claims, and questions of human security. This article provides an overview of the theoretical and empirical contributions that the essays in this special issue bring to the study of ethnic minority issues in increasingly heterogeneous and divided Asian societies.

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