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The ARI Working Paper Series is an online publication resource for the swift and wide dissemination of pre-publication research papers, many of which are subsequently published as journal articles and book chapters elsewhere. Editorial Committee: Michelle MILLER (Chair), Eli Elinoff, Fiona Lee, Eric Kerr & Valerie YEO (MAO)

WPS 249 How Changes in Housing, Homes and Households are Reshaping Urban Japan
Richard RONAL, DRUTA Oana | Mar 2016

Transformations in Japanese housing and urban conditions in the last half century have been remarkable, reflecting significant shifts in the economy and population. The transition has been from an era of extreme of high-speed urban and industrial growth, to the creation and bursting of an economic bubble, to an new era characterized by a sluggish economy, slow growth, social ageing and demographic decline.

WPS 248 The Rise of Progressive Cities in Asia: Toward Human Flourishing in Asia’s Urban Transition
Mike Douglass | Mar 2016

With Asia expected to add more than a billion people to its urban population by mid-century, attention is turning toward cities as spheres of governance for meeting pressing social, economic and environmental concerns and fulfilling people’s aspirations for a better life.

WPS 247 Called by the Soul: Becoming a 'Developer' in Medan, Indonesia
Tanya Jakimow | Feb 2016

State-led community-driven development programs invite orang biasa (ordinary people) to become ‘developers’. Located between society and the state, this positioning offers certain possibilities for being and becoming: possibilities that may have been unobtainable to many prior to their involvement. This paper examines processes of self-becoming among volunteers in one such program in Medan, Indonesia.

WPS 246 The King and I: White Women and Male Prestige in British Courts
Nurfadzilah Yahaya | Feb 2016

Colonial parochial attitudes played a key role in perpetrating injustice against women in metropolitan imperial cities such as London and Singapore that highly valued merchants’ and foreign rulers’ contributions to imperial coffers. Yet, historical sources are mostly silent on white women. This article probes how colonial legal courts situated white women in the colonies from the perspective of law reports of two cases in the late nineteenth century.

WPS 245 A Decolonial Lens on Cities and Urbanisms: Reflections on the System of Petty Production in India
Sujata Patel | Jan 2016

This paper discusses some epistemic concerns that have been recently articulated regarding urban studies and its theories. These relate to the use of the theories of modernity and developmentalism which scholars of urban studies have questioned.

WPS 244 Collaboration or Appropriation? Development Monks and State Localism in Northeast Thailand
Dylan SOUTHARD | Jan 2016

This paper examines the changing roles of monks in alternative development in northeast Thailand. Specifically, it is an attempt to understand the relationship among development monks, NGOs, and the state in the context of localist development ideology and practice.

WPS 243 Compassion and Sanskara in the Context of Neoliberalism: Factors Shaping a Jain Socio-spiritual Organisation’s Development Activities in Gujarat, India
Bindi SHAH | Dec 2015

Based on multi-sited fieldwork in India, Britain, USA and Singapore, I examine a Jain socio-spiritual organisation’s (TripleS) involvement in development activities in Gujarat, India. I ask how religious links with the Jain tradition strengthen or weaken TripleS’ ability to deliver ‘secular’ development activities.

WPS 242 From Casino to Integrated Resort: Nationalist Modernity and the Art of Blending
LEE Kah Wee | Dec 2015

This paper interrogates the relationships between architectural representation, spatial production and state power in the context of the making of Marina Bay Sands. I critically analyze and unpack the micro-politics of the planning and competition process around 2005 that transformed the Las Vegas casino-resort into the “Integrated Resort” at Singapore’s Marina Bay.

WPS 241 How Economy Matters to Indigenous Identity of Bissu, Transgender Priests of South Sulawesi, Indonesia
THAMRIN Umar | Nov 2015

Focusing on the bissu, the transgender priests of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, the article explicates the emergent indigenous transgender identity within the contemporary artistic and economic practices. The bissu's interactions with the local clients, the state and global culture industry, as well as their representations on mass media and performing arts demonstrate that the bissu transgender priesthood serves as a trope of indigeneity...

WPS 240 Love on the Run: Transmigration, Emotions, and Governmentality Among Filipino Domestic Workers in Singapore and Thailand
CRUZ-DEL ROSARIO Teresita | Nov 2015

Migration studies almost always tend to emphasize economic factors as the overriding motivation for leaving and are always couched in terms of searching for better sources of livelihood. Where studies have shifted to the emotional sphere, these usually focus on the destruction of the intimate relations particularly among those who have been left behind by the migrating worker ...

WPS 239 “Bringing the Future into the Present”: Why a Feminist Framework is Critical in Assessing Old Age Preparedness
DEVASAHAYAM Theresa W. | Oct 2015

Focusing on women as they are more likely to face greater disadvantages compared with their male counterparts because of gender differentials they might have faced throughout the life course, the paper examines the potential barriers for old age preparedness among women in Singapore. Based on secondary literature, the paper interrogates whether women in Singapore are able to adequately prepare for old age ...

WPS 238 Liquid Geographies: India in the Oceanic Imaginary
PARANJAPE Makarand R. | Oct 2015

In the construction of national space, is there a contrast between continental and oceanic determinants? I consider this question by looking at how India was conceptualized, conceived, imaged, and imagined in the first half of the 20th century, before it became independent. More specifically, how did the idea of India came to be articulated from two ends of the Indian Ocean, by M. K. Gandhi in South Africa, and, later, by Subhas Chandra Bose in Singapore?...

WPS 237 Filling in the Marginal Lands: Population Deconcentration in Southeast Asia, 1960s-2000s
DE KONINCK Rodolphe, Thanh Hai PHAM | Sep 2015

During and shortly after the colonial period, in their writings on Southeast Asia a number of geographers and social scientists – including Dumont (1935), Gourou (1936 and 1953), Robequain (1946 and 1958), Dobby (1960), Geertz (1963), Burling (1965), Fisher (1966) and Spencer (1966) – emphasized the disequilibrium in population distribution throughout most of the region, pointing out the high densities in several lowland areas and the generally low densities in marginal uplands...

WPS 236 Refugees, Displacement and Forced Migration in Asia: Charting an Inclusive Research Agenda
HO Elaine Lynn-Ee , MADOKORO Laura , PETERSON Glen | Apr 2015

The international bodies and legal instruments governing refugees, originating from European imperatives, have limited reach over the different types of forced migration circumstances we see today. Researching forced migration in Asia reveals a particular set of epistemological and political issues, including the sustained effects of colonial legacies and how culturally specific notions of territory, sovereignty and legal systems influence the treatment of refugees, internally displaced people and other types of forced migrants...

WPS 235 The Philanthropic Turn of Religions in Post-Mao China: An Interactional Perspective
WU Keping | Mar 2015

Religious philanthropy has become a significant force in contemporary China. This essay explores the interactions between policy toward religious philanthropy and religious groups that have undergone significant changes since their philanthropic involvement. Religious groups (sometimes under the name of the leader) have been providing social services since the state’s “opening-up” policies in the early 1980s...

WPS 234 The Practice of Tree Worship and the Territorial Production of Urban Space in the Indian Neighbourhood
KESWANI Kiran | Mar 2015

In urban India, there are religious practices intersecting with the process of urbanisation at various levels. This paper looks at the practice of tree worship which continues to be a part of the everyday lives of the people. Specifically, it looks at how the Peepul tree (Ficus Religiosa) shrine with its serpent stones and the raised platform around it, locally called the katte, contributes to the territorial production of urban space in the city of Bangalore...

WPS 233 Epistemological Experiments and Empirical Philosophy in Cross-Cultural Contexts
KERR Eric Thomson | Feb 2015

In recent years we have seen a veritable explosion in philosophical and psychological studies of epistemic intuitions. Many of these analyse whether intuitions vary between 'Asian' and 'Western' people. In this paper I review research in experimental epistemology and connect it to other studies in cross-cultural epistemology. I suggest that debates in the former have given us new reasons to explore the relationship between empirical research and epistemology...

WPS 232 Ethical and Regulatory Challenges with Autologous Adult Stem Cells: A Comparative Review of International Regulations
LYSAGHT Tamra, KERRIDGE Ian, SIPP Douglas, PORTER Gerard, CAPPS Benjamin J. | Jan 2015

Cell and tissue-based products, such as autologous adult stem cells, are being prescribed by physicians across the world for diseases and illnesses that they have neither been approved for or been demonstrated as safe and effective in formal clinical trials. These doctors often form part of informal transnational networks that exploit differences and similarities in the regulatory systems across geographical contexts...

WPS 231 Religious Revival and De-ethnicization in the Ethnic Minority Regions of China
LIM Francis Khek Gee | Jan 2015

Existing literature on religious revival in China’s ethnic minority areas often seeks to demonstrate that the revitalization of religion among the minorities would enhance ethnic pride and strengthen ethnic identity. In this paper I examine the possibility of a de-ethnicization process resulting from religious revival. I first discuss how the Communist state attempted to make “legible” the diverse groups of people in the country through the minzu shibie project...

WPS 230 The Guilty Secret: The Latter Career of the Bollywood's Illegitimacy
RAJADHYAKSHA Ashish | Dec 2014

In 2001 the diamond trader and movie financier Bharat Shah, one of Mumbai’s richest men, was arrested for financial links to the Dubai-based ‘gangster’ Chhota Shakeel. It was alleged that Shah’s complex financial dealings in the city included activities that the Indian state considered criminal, that these involved ‘mafia’ functioning from offshore locations, and that the city’s renowned film industry was an integral component of his financial empire...

WPS 229 Socio-economic Differentials in Contraceptive Discontinuation in India
AGRAHARI Kiran , MOHANTY Sanjay K. , CHAUHAN Rajesh K. | Nov 2014

Using the 60 months calendar data from the National Family Health Survey-3, this paper examines the reasons of contraceptive discontinuation among spacing method users by socio-economic groups in India. Bi-variate and multivariate analyses and 12 months life table discontinuation rates are used in the analyses. Results suggest that the level of discontinuation was highest among pill users, followed by condom, traditional method and IUD users...

WPS 228 Humanistic Planning and Urban Flood Disaster Governance in Southeast Asia: Metro Manila and Jakarta
PADAWANGI Rita | Oct 2014

What are the possible humanistic approaches to urban flood disaster governance? Several largest cities in Southeast Asia, such as Bangkok, Jakarta, and Metro Manila have been affected by relatively severe and paralyzing floods in recent years. In reality, floods are not new to these cities. Cities are often located along riverbanks and lakefronts, due to the importance of water in the history of cities as sources of livelihoods and the role of rivers in trades...

WPS 227 Reconsidering Nationalism in 21st Century China
SHEN Yipeng | Oct 2014

To what extent is the political integrated into the aesthetic in the nationalist discourses of contemporary China? How do we understand the historical significance of the publicly manifested postsocialist relations of the state and the society? In what ways does the aesthetics, encompassing the temporalities of modern and premodern, socialist and postsocialist, articulate the nation as a collectivization of subjectivity that accentuates and deviates from the political rationalities of both the Party-state and the mass consumers?...

WPS 226 Negotiating Post-Divorce Familial Relationships: A Case of Singaporean Divorce Biographies
QUAH Sharon | Sep 2014

This paper offers an analysis of how Singaporean divorcees organise their post-divorce family life and examines the interplay of autonomy, commitment and context in the maintenance of their family relationships after the divorce. While family life has become increasingly democratised...

WPS 225 The Gendered Dynamics of Indonesia's Oil Palm Labour Regime
LI Tania | Aug 2014

State oil palm plantations of the New Order were based on a family model, in which women and men were incorporated as workers and farmers through their membership in households. The tendency over the past “neoliberal” decade has been towards casualization...

WPS 224 The Revindication of Environmental Subjectivity: Chinese Landscape Aesthetics between Crisis and Creativity

This paper studies cultural representations which critically address the high level of environmental degradation ushered in by successive regimes of China's modernization. On the one hand, it will review a group of blog cartoons reacting to a recent environmental hazard, the Huangpu River...

WPS 223 A Walk in the Park: Singapore’s Green Corridor as a Homegrown Import
STRAND David | Jul 2014

Singapore’s new Green or Rail Corridor created on the site of the former Keretapi Tanah Meleyu (KTM) rail line resembles influential global models like Manhattan’s repurposed elevated rail line park, High Line. In fact, the roots of the Green Corridor...

WPS 222 Ethical Trading and Sri Lankan Labour Practices in the Apparel Sector
RUWANPURA Kanchana | Jun 2014

Economic geographers tout social upgrading via economic upgrading as a way of improving labour conditions, while labour geographers underscore the inherent contradictions of corporate governance initiatives. They point to the conceptual flaws...

WPS 221 A Snapshot of Muhammadiyah: Social Change and Shifting Markers of Identity and Values
BUSH Robin | May 2014

Historically Muhammadiyah has played a crucial role as vanguard of modernist Islam within Indonesia; more contemporarily Muhammadiyah members have dominated segments of the state bureaucracy, wielding considerable policy influence...

WPS 220 On the Origins and Reflexivity of Autonomy and Social Movements in CybUrbia
MAROLT Peter | May 2014

This thought piece aims to inject an argument into social movement studies that has been made almost 20 years ago in a different context: that the theory of ‘social action’ (i.e. situated conduct that has a “social meaning”) remains to be so widespread in academic knowledge...

WPS 219 Counter-Hegemonic Spaces of Hope? Constructing the Public City in Jakarta and Singapore
PADAWANGI Rita | Apr 2014

The quest for the public city needs to be situated within the debate about the people’s ability to exert agency over the use and design of physical urban spaces. Building on the public city concept and insurgent actions in the previous chapters, this chapter identifies...

WPS 218 An Economy of Sacrifice: Roman Catholicism and Transnational Labor in the Philippines
BAUTISTA Julius | Apr 2014

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as part of a published volume: ‘Export-quality martyrs: Roman catholicism and transnational labor in the Philippines’, Journal Cultural Anthropology, Vol. 30, Issue 3, August 2015, pp 424-447.

WPS 217 New Models of Travel Behavior for Independent Asian Youth Urban Cultural Tourists
DU CROS Hilary Louise | Mar 2014

For too long, the area of independent Asian youth tourism has remained under-examined in terms of the kind and depth of urban cultural experiences that could be associated with it. This paper is based on study results that investigated urban cultural experiences...

WPS 216 Extracting Peasants from the Fields: Rushing for a Livelihood?
LAHIRI-DUTT Kuntala | Feb 2014

This paper explores why and how the peasant labour processes are being reconfigured in the Global South by contemporary rural and agrarian change, with particular focus on their incorporation into informal mining: the exchange of ploughs for picks. To address this question, it draws on recent scholarship that has problematised the classical understandings of agrarian transition by going beyond the question of how capitalism...

WPS 215 Religious Temple Management in China
CHEW Phyllis Ghim-Lian | Feb 2014

In recent decades, there have been many research-based frameworks emphasizing sociological, psychological, behavioural and other theories of leadership. However, there has been relatively little research on leadership and succession in religious organisations. Similarly, while historians have written about the struggle for power within Christianity and Islam, much less is known about the Chinese religion and...

WPS 214 Cyberzomia
MAROLT Peter | Feb 2014

This paper adopts the metaphor of a Southeast Asian Zomia to its Chinese cyber-urban variation, and assesses what we can learn from such a way of seeing. After introducing the reader to Zomia and its Cyber-urban counterpart, I provide a succinct status update on the cat-and-mouse game that is afoot on the Chinese Internet, clarify the terms in the title, and establish their relevance for an everyday urbanity that...

WPS 213 Opiate of the Masses with Chinese Characteristics: Recent Chinese Scholarship on the Meaning and Future of Religion
Thomas David DUBOIS, CHI Zhen | Jan 2014

This paper examines themes within Chinese theoretical scholarship on religion, from the dual perspectives of religious studies and Marxism. It focuses particularly on the three decades since the 1982 promulgation of “Basic Ideas and Policies Concerning Our Country’s Religious Question in the Socialist Era” marked a turn to an apparently more tolerant religion policy. Although this and subsequent policy shifts have...

WPS 212 Citizen Ai: Warrior, Jester and Middleman
CALLAHAN William A.| Jan 2014

Ai Weiwei is famous for crossing boundaries, especially the boundary between art and politics. To appreciate the often contradictory nature of Ai’s work, this essay employs multiple narratives: “Ai the Heroic Warrior” who criticizes the Chinese government, “Ai the Court Jester” who plays with the Chinese state and Western media, and “Ai the Middleman” who acts as a broker between China...

WPS 211 ‘The Fundamental Issue is Anti-colonialism, Not Merger’: Singapore’s “Progressive Left”, Operation Coldstore, and the Creation of Malaysia
THUM Ping Tjin | Nov 2013

Decolonisation often involved picking from competing nationalist visions for the shape of the postcolonial nation-state. The visions which lost out are no less important for their impact on decolonisation and the nation-state, but they are often poorly understood. In Singapore, the rise of Singapore’s “progressive left” gave the opportunity and drove the timing for the merger of Federation of Malaya and Singapore in 1963, before its leadership was removed by Operation Coldstore...

WPS 210 The Urban Transition of Environmental Disaster Governance in Asia
DOUGLASS Michael | Oct 2013

The increasing frequency and severity of environmental disasters in Asia are highly correlated with the rapid urban transition now taking place in this world region. Five types of urban transition effects are identified to explain how the urbanization of disasters calls for fundamental changes in approaches to disaster prevention, response, adaptation and resilience. The effects include agglomeration and...

WPS 209 The Transformation of Child Labor in Andhra Pradesh, India: Lessons for State-NGO Collaboration
SAHARIA , Priyam | Oct 2013

Between 1991-2011, the state of Andhra Pradesh, once the state with the biggest child workforce in India made rapid strides in decreasing child labor. The decrease in child labor can largely be explained by an active collaboration between a grass roots movement started by M.V. Foundation, a local NGO, and the bureaucracy of Andhra Pradesh. Based on fieldwork in Andhra Pradesh, this paper explores how a movement that started...

WPS 208 Southeast Asia in the Suishu: A Translation of Memoir 47 with Notes and Commentary
ASPELL , William | Sep 2013

Memoir 47 of the Suishu 隋書 (History of the Sui Dynasty) documents the kingship, regalia, official titles, geography, customs, and curiosities of four early Southeast Asian polities: Linyi, Chitu, Zhenla, and Poli. With the exception of some scene-setting background information regarding Linyi, most of the material can be dated, with varying degrees of certainty, to the years 605-617. It is during this period that “over ten kingdoms from...

WPS 207 Transnational Migration and Changing Care Arrangements for Left-Behind Children in Southeast Asia: A Selective Literature Review in Relation to the CHAMPSEA Study
YEOH Brenda, LAM Choy Fong Theodora, HOANG Lan Anh | Sep 2013

Recent increases in the volume and diversity of transnational labour migration within and beyond Southeast Asia – and in particular the feminisation of these movements –suggest that millions of left-behind children are growing up for part or all of their young lives in the absence of a migrant father, a migrant mother, or both. Gender-differentiated transnational migration is no doubt an increasingly significant driver of...

WPS 206 Sovereignties, Buddhisms, Post-1989: An Epistemological Conundrum in Rising Asia
IVEKOVIĆ Rada | Aug 2013

This paper deals with several interconnected topics. It examines the differential origins of sovereignty in Asia in connection with ancient Asian philosophical systems, mainly early Buddhism. It links the concepts of sovereignty to corresponding concepts of subjectivity or, respectively, to the willed absence of a concept of subject (as in Buddhism). It assumes that the most interesting transformations in...

WPS 205 Exploring the Reverse Causational Effect of Fertility on the Infant Mortality Decline in India
AROKIASAMY P. , GOLI Srinivas , SHANNAWAZ Mohd | Aug 2013

This paper explores reverse causation effect of fertility on infant mortality using both time trend and cross-sectional data for India and states. Time series and panel data regression model estimates on macro level trend data, revealed an explicable reverse causation effect of fertility on the infant mortality decline during the recent decades. Kaplan Meier survival function and Cox proportional hazard model estimates indicated that...

WPS 204 ‘Itsara’ (Freedom) to Work?: Neoliberalization, Deregulation and Marginalized Male Labor in the Bangkok Taxi Business
HICKEY Maureen Helen | Jul 2013

In 1992 the Bangkok automobile taxi business was ‘liberalized’ and the long-running quota system that tightly controlled the number of taxis allowed to operate was abolished in favor of an open-supply approach. Within months of the policy change the number of taxis on the streets of the Thai capital skyrocketed, as did demand for taxi drivers. Within a few years, Bangkok went from conditions of artificial taxi shortage to...

WPS 203 Planning Karachi’s Urban Futures
ANWAR Nausheen Hafeeza | Jun 2013

Urban growth levels in Pakistan remain high with migration as a key dynamic in the accelerating process of social and political-economic change.With an estimated population of 21 million, Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city and ranks as one of the most populace cities in Asia. Migrants especially those who are poor confront a hostile, risky and precarious future in the city marked by social exclusion...

WPS 202 Urban Inter-Referencing Within and Beyond a Decentralized Indonesia
PHELPS Nicholas, BUNNELL Tim, MILLER Michelle, TAYLOR John | Jun 2013

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as part of a published volume: 'Urban inter-referencing within and beyond a decentralized Indonesia', Cities, Vol. 39, August 2014, pp 37-49.

WPS 201 Population Change and Migration in Mumbai Metropolitan Region: Implications for Planning and Governance
JONES Gavin W, Ram B. Bhagat | May 2013

This paper examines recent growth dynamics of Mumbai Metropolitan Region, focusing on changes in its various geographical zones, namely the core (the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation), inner zone and outer zone. The paper shows that there has been a significant change since the early 1980s, leading to population stagnation in the core or even decline in some of its older parts. However, the inner and outer zones continue...

WPS 200 Power and Political Culture in Cambodia
Trude Jacobsen, Martin Stuart-Fox | May 2013

WPS 192 Moral Knowledge and its Enemies: Conspiracy and Kingship in Thailand
JOHNSON Andrew Alan | Nov 2012

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as ‘Moral Knowledge and its Enemies: Conspiracy and Kingship in Thailand’, Anthropological Quarterly, 86(4):1059-1086, 2013.

WPS 190 Modern Hindu Intellectuals and Ancient Texts: Reforming Śaiva Yoga in Bali
ACRI Andrea | Oct 2012

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as ‘Modern Hindu Intellectuals and Ancient Texts: Reforming Śaiva Yoga in Bali’, VBijdragen tot de Taal-, land- en Volkenkunde, 169/1 (2013), pp. 1-36.

WPS 177 Tourist Utopias: Las Vegas, Dubai, Macau
SIMPSON Tim | Feb 2012

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published online: ‘Tourist utopias: Biopolitics and the genealogy of the post-world tourist city’, Current Issues in Tourism, March 2015, pp 1-33.

WPS 169 Urban Sustainability and Changing Private Green Spaces: Some Insights from an Indian City
BALOONI Kulbhushan, GANGOPAKDHYAY Ausik, KUMAR B. Mohan | Nov 2011

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as “Governance for Private Green Spaces in a Growing Indian city”, in Landscape and Urban Planning, authored by Kulbhushan Balooni, Kausik Gangopadhyay & B. Mohan Kumar, Elsevier, March 2014, Vol. 123, pp 21-29.

WPS 166 How Social is Socially Oriented Forest Tenure and Land Use Change in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka?
BALOONI Kulbhushan, Makoto Inoue, Tapan Kumar Nath, Mangala De Zoysa | Oct 2011
WPS 164 'Diplomacy as Theatre': Recasting The Bandung Conference of 1955 as Cultural History
Naoko Shimazu | Oct 2011

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published online on 22 July 2013 as “Diplomacy as Theatre: Staging the Bandung Conference of 1955”, Modern Asian Studies, Cambridge University Press, pp. 1-28.

WPS 159 Digital Relics of the Saints of Affliction: HIV/AIDS, Digital Images and the Neoliberalization of Health Humanitarianism in Contemporary Vietnam
MONTOYA Alfred | Aug 2011

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as ‘Digital Relics of the Saints of Affliction: HIV/AIDS, Digital Images and the Neoliberalisation of Health Humanitarianism in Contemporary Vietnam’ in Mortality: Promoting the Interdisciplinary Study of Death and Dying, Vol. 20, Issue 4 (Oct, 2015), pp. 334-350. The online version of this article can be found at:

WPS 158 Waxing the Korean Wave
Doobo Shim | Jun 2011
WPS 149 Of Pathogens and Empires: The Discourse of Public Health in Katherine Mayo's The Isles of Fear-The Truth about the Philippine Islands (1925)
SIANTURI Dinah Roma | Dec 2010

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn for a forthcoming publication.

WPS 136 The Hazy New Dawn: Democracy, Women and Politics in Malaysia by Cecilia Ng
Cecilia NG | Mar 2010

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as 'The Hazy New Dawn: Democracy, Women, and Politics in Malaysia', Gender, Technology and Development, Vol. 14, No. 3 (Nov 2010), pp. 313-338. The online version of this article can be found at:

WPS 133 In Search of Authenticity in Historic Cities in Transformation: The Case of Pingyao, China
WANG Shuyi | Jan 2010

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as 'In Search of Authenticity in Historic Cities in Transformation: The Case of Pingyao, China', Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, 9(1), 2011, pp 13-25.

WPS 132 The Kopitiam in Singapore: An Evolving Story about Migration and Cultural Diversity
LAI Ah Eng | Jan 2010

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as ‘The Kopitiam in Singapore: An Evolving Story about Migration and Cultural Diversity’, in Lai Ah Eng, Francis Leo Collins and Brenda Yeoh Saw-Ai (eds.), Migration and Diversity in Asian Contexts, ISEAS Publishing: Singapore 2012, pp 209-232. An online version is now available on

WPS 130 Living Piously in a Culture of Death: The Catholic Church and the State in the Philippines
BAUTISTA Julius | Dec 2009

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as “Church and State in the Philippines: Tackling Life Issues in a Culture of Death”, in SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia 25(1): 29-53, April 2010.

WPS 129 Paradoxes of State Islamization in Malaysia: Routinization of Religious Charisma and the Secularization of the Syariah
MOHAMAD Maznah | Dec 2009

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as “The Ascendance of Bureaucratic Islam and the Secularization of the Sharia in Malaysia”, in Pacific Affairs, volume 83, No. 3, September 2010, pp. 505-524. (website of journal:

WPS 125 Sexual Slander and the 1965-66 Mass Killings in Indonesia: Political and Methodological Considerations
WIERINGA Saskia | Nov 2009

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as part of a published volume: ‘Sexual slander and the 1965/6 mass killings in Indonesia: Political and methodological considerations’, Journal of Contemporary Asia, Vol. 41, No. 4, November 2011, pp 544-565.

WPS 124 Categorically Vulgar
ROY Anjali Gera | Nov 2009

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as Bhangra Moves: From Ludhiana to London and Beyond (Aldershot: Ashgate 2010).

WPS 122 The Body of New Asian Dance Music
ROY Anjali Gera | Sep 2009

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as 'Meanings of Bhangra and Bollywood Dancing in India and the Diaspora', TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies: Special Issue on Bollywood and the South Asian Diaspora, 26, Fall 2011, pp85-104.

WPS 113 A Neighbourhood in Singapore: Ordinary People’s Lives `Downstairs’
LAI Ah Eng | Apr 2009

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as `A Neighbourhood in Singapore: Ordinary People's Lives "Downstairs', in Future Asian Space: Projecting the Urban Space of New East Asia, edited by Limin Hee, Davisi Boontharm & Erwin Viray, NUS Press, 2012. Click here to read more about this book

WPS 110 Conceptualising Hinduism
SCHEIFINGER Heinz | Mar 2009
WPS 104 Women and Livelihoods in Post-Tsunami India and Aceh
NOWAK Barbara S, Tanya Caulfield | May 2008
WPS 78 Is there a Batak History?
REID Anthony | Nov 2006
WPS 76 The Emergence of a Transnational Healthcare Service Industry in Malaysia
CHEE Heng Leng | Oct 2006

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as: Ownership, control and contention: Challenges for the future of healthcare in Malaysia. Social Science and Medicine, 66(10):2145-2156, 2008.

WPS 72 Marriage Practices in an Urban Slum: Vulnerability, Challenges to Traditional Arrangements and Resistance by Adolescent Women in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Sabina Faiz RASHID | Aug 2006

Full text is not presently available. This working paper has been temporarily withdrawn, as it is being considered for publication.

WPS 61 Delayed Marriage in Pacific Asia, Gender Relations and the Fertility Crisis
JONES Gavin W | Mar 2006

A revised version of this paper has now been published in an academic journal. The citation is as follows: Jones, Gavin W., 2007, "Delayed marriage and very low fertility in Pacific Asia", Population and Development Review, 33(3): 453-478.

WPS 49 Farang as Siamese Occidentalism
Pattana Kitiarsa | Sep 2005
WPS 47 Giving Help in Return: Social Exchange in Singapore
CHAN Angelique, VERBRUGGE Lois | Aug 2005
WPS 42 A Demographic Perspective on the Muslim World
JONES Gavin W | Jun 2005

A revised version of this paper has now been published in an academic journal. The citation is as follows: Jones, Gavin W., 2006, "A demographic perspective on the Muslim world", Journal of Population Research, 23(2): 243-265.

WPS 37 Champa Revised
WPS 35 Views of Disability in the U.S. and Singapore
VERBRUGGE Lois, Kalyani K. Mehta ,Ellen Wagenfeld-Heintz | Jan 2005
WPS 30 Military Campaigns against Yunnan: A Global Analysis
BIN Yang | Sep 2004
WPS 19 Migration, International Labour and Multicultural Policies
YEOH Brenda | Feb 2004

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as ‘Yeoh, B.S.A, Bifurcated Labour: The Unequal Incorporation of Transmigrants in Singapore. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie (Journal of Economic and Social Geography), 97, no. 1 (2006): 26-37.

WPS 15 A Pendular Theory OF Nationalism
Habibul Haque Khonder | Nov 2003
WPS 14 The Internet's Political Impact and the Penetration/Participation Paradox in Malaysia and Singapore
GEORGE Cherian | Nov 2003

Full text is not available, the paper will be published in Media Culture & Society 27 (6).

WPS 12 Completing the Circle: Southeast Asian Studies in Southeast Asia
REID Anthony | Sep 2003

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as the larger part of Anthony Reid and Maria Serena I. Diokno, ‘Completing the Circle: Southeast Asian Studies in Southeast Asia’, in Southeast Asian Studies: Pacific Perspectives, ed. Anthony Reid (Tempe: Arizona State University Program for Southeast Asian Studies, 2003), pp. 93-107.

WPS 04 Narrative, Memory and History: Multiple Interpretations of the Lao Past
PHOLSENA Vatthana | Jul 2003

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as part of a published volume: Post-War Laos. The Politics of Culture, History and Identity. Singapore, Ithaca: ISEAS, Cornell University Press, 2006.

WPS 01 War, Peace and the Burden of History in Aceh
REID Anthony | Jun 2003

Full text is not available, this working paper is withdrawn, as it has now been published as ‘War, Peace and the Burden of History in Aceh’, Asian Ethnicity 15, no.3 (Oct 2004), pp.301-314.

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