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Name:Dr SIM Gerald
Designation:Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Department:Asia Research Institute
Status: Former Staff

Dr Gerald Sim has commenced a three-month appointment as Visiting Senior Research Fellow in the Cultural Studies in Asia Cluster with effect from 24 June 2013.

Dr Sim was awarded his BS (Biology) by Duke University and his PhD (Film Studies) by the University of Iowa. He specializes in American cinema, national cinema, and critical theory. Since he was first tasked with developing the international cinema curriculum at Florida Atlantic University, his scholarship on world cinema appears in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Film Quarterly, and Asian Cinema. His research method is informed by historical materialism, which lies at the heart of published and forthcoming articles on a diverse range of topics in film studies. He is currently at work on a book-length manuscript, a historical materialist evaluation of film studies' engagements with race. He has taught graduate seminars on the Frankfurt School, and Film Theories of Spatiality. He also serves as a regular correspondent from the True/False Documentary Film Festival for Framework.

Curriculum Vitae:
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Brief Write-Up on Proposed Work:

During his time at ARI, Dr Sim would be working on a project about Malaysian filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad’s postcolonial aesthetics. He is particularly interested in how her soundtracks juxtapose different languages in “cacophonies of affection” – a term he uses to describe Ahmad’s postcolonial subjectivity, one that negotiates regional multiculturalism, globalization, and modernity.