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Designation:Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Status: Former Staff

Dr Riwanto Tirtosudarmo to ARI has commenced a three-month appointment as a Visiting Senior Research Fellow in the Asian Migration Cluster with effect from 1 July 2008.

Dr Tirtosudarmo has been focusing his research and writings in the last five years on the social and political aspects of population movements in Indonesia and slowly to places beyond Indonesia. He has studied population movement, both internally and internationally, in relation to the state and nation building. His earlier research on migration began with the study of people’s movement in Indonesia under the state’s sponsored program of transmigration.

In the aftermath of the 1997, financial crisis Dr Tirtosudarmo began to focus his attention on the issues of ethnicity and to the impact of population mobility on communal conflicts. He had also critically assessed the political implications of demographic engineering on the nation building project and national integration. Dr Tirtosudarmo has noticed the increasing movement of people crossing the state boundaries and the establishment of quasi transnational communities abroad. The implications of trans-border migration on security and the politics of space also have attracted his research interest. Lately, he has been working on ethno-demographic issues in relation to the broader changing political landscape in Indonesia brought about by post-Soeharto decentralization policies.

Curriculum Vitae:
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Brief Write-Up on Proposed Work:

At ARI, Dr Riwanto will devote his time to revise 12 selected papers previously published in various forms (edited book chapters, journal articles and seminar papers) into a coherent book’s draft. The new chapters that he has to prepare at ARI are the introduction and conclusion.