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Name:Prof TURNER Bryan Stanley print iconemail icon
Status: Former Staff
Professor Bryan Turner joins us as Research Team Leader for the Religion Cluster. He has come to ARI from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

He holds a joint appointment with Dept of Sociology, NUS.

Curriculum Vitae:
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Brief Write-Up on Proposed Work:

He intends to complete three volumes for Cambridge University Press on religion and globalization. Over the next six years, he will direct research on globalisation and religion concentrating on such issues as religious conflict and the modern state, religious authority and electronic information, religious, consumerism and youth cultures, human rights and religion, the human body, medical change and religious cosmologies. These research foci will be explored through various religious traditions. The general aim is to develop a comprehensive overview of the impact of globalisation on religions, and the consequences of religion on global processes.