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Name:Prof DOUGLASS Michael print iconemail icon
Department:Asia Research Institute
Organisation:National University of Singapore
Organisation Address:NUS Bukit Timah Campus, Tower Block
Telephone:6516 5243
Fax:6779 1428
Status: Staff

Prof C. Michael Douglass has commenced a 5-year joint appointment as Professor in the Asian Urbanisms Cluster in ARI and the Department of Sociology with effect from 12 June 2012.

Prof Douglass received his PhD in Urban Planning from UCLA, MA in Political Science from the University of Hawai'i and BA in Political Science/International Relations from UCLA. He is also Emeritus Professor and former Chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. To 2012 he was the Executive Director of the Globalization Research Center at the University of Hawai’i (UH). He is also Co-Editor of the journal, International Development Planning Review. He received his Ph.D. in Urban Planning from UCLA. He previously taught at the Institute of Social Studies (Netherlands) and at the School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia (U.K.). He has also been a Visiting Scholar/Professor at Stanford University, UCLA, Tokyo University, Thammasat University and the National University of Singapore.

With a professional focus on urban and regional planning in Asia, he has lived and worked for many years in Asian countries, including in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. He has joined numerous research and planning projects and has been a consultant for international development institutions as well as national and local governments in Asia. He has also advised university programs on planning education in Asia and the U.S.

His current research in Asia, will be on (1) livable cities (the environment, personal well-being, and social-cultural life); (2) globalization, the public city and public space; (3) international migration and the globalization of households in Pacific Asia; (4) The environment and the urban transition in Asia; (5) trans-border intercity networks in East Asia; (6) filmmaking for social research and planning.

Curriculum Vitae:
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