Message from the Chairman

ARI is now in its second decade of development. Much has been achieved since the Institute was established in 2001. It is now a leading research centre in disciplines of significant importance to scholars of Asia, and it has played a visible role in promoting collaboration among researchers in the region and many parts of the world. It also serves as a key centre that provides opportunities to scholars in Asia and elsewhere to visit and interact with leading experts in the field. The publications coming out from ARI are distributed and studied widely.

The rapid economic rise of Asia and the socio-political transformation we are witnessing today make the study of this region more important than ever.

New issues and challenging problems concerning Asia require deep, thorough and careful analysis.The Institute is in a very good position to perform this role, through the many programmes it offers and research clusters it has formed.

We welcome you to visit this website and to participate in the activities that are organized by the Institute.

Professor Chong Chi Tat
Board of Management